The more I read, there seems unprecedented evidence of a link between diet and AutoImmunity.  But while this link isn’t acknowledged by most of the medical communit, many people do understood the relationship between health and diet, and go ahead and adopt new eating habits.  There is lots of information about how your diet influences your health and many, many successful stories by people who have successfully modified their diet and have ended up very, very well..  The volume of information isn’t really the surprise … what is, though, is that as human, we are very set in their ways, and even at their lowest (health-wise), we simply don’t have the knowledge to understand the correlation between what type of food we eat and how well our bodies are.

So, for all of 2014 I am putting myself forward to ‘join’ any of you, in a 4 week challenge, starting on the 01st of each month throughout 2014, on the path to clean living (clean food).  Feel free to email me and we can make a plan, and try it for 4 weeks, together..

What repeatedly comes through the material I read, is: to eat 3 – 4 small meals per day, to eat protein at every meal, eliminate processed carbs, suagrs and starches.  The message is simply: eat more, eat clean, be fuller for longer.  When this happens, you will find you don’t reach for sugary processed foods ..  I really like the idea of the Paleo Diet and the Zone diet, and a lot of what I talk about is Paleo like – clean food, high quality and lots of it…


Personally I don’t find any of this hard to imagine, so here’s a breakdown of these ideas and a meal planner which you can view and maybe adopt part of ..

Eat 3 – 4 small meals per day... Interestingly of the friends I have that are slim and healthy, all of them eat breakfast, having had the pleasure of living with some of them, I note that they: they sleep soundly, then get out of bed and make breakfast (every day), before heading out for the day.  Feeding yourself within waking helps stabilize blood sugar.  It makes sense to do this but if you are an adult and live alone this very basic routine can slip…

Eat protein at every meal: a fist size of high quality protein, chicken, fish, red meat, pork, organic protein powder are all ergogenic (performance enhancing).

Eliminate Carbs and Starches: Emerging evidence has made clear the link between Neolithic foods (grain, legumes and dairy) and AImmune disease.  Eliminating these foods initially will assist in your body detoxing … gradually adding them back into your diet once you are well and past the ‘addiction’ phase.

Lets look at an weekly meal plan which I have drawn up .. suggestions welcome ..